• Episode 71 – Ron’s Looking Sharpie

    What a week! Hurricane Dorian made it’s way to the US, Trump had his hands all over a weather map, and the Taliban had an invite to Camp David. Brian […]

  • Episode 70 – Law & Order: SUV

    We discuss our Labor Day weekend celebrations, while most of the country was fixated on following Hurricane Dorian. Street justice was handed out this week, and if you ever wondered […]

  • Episode 69 (Nice)

    A very special episode! We’ve got our most insane audio yet for This Week In Racism, Ron discusses the Jimmy John’s boycott and his days as a Quiznos owner, and […]

  • Episode 68 – The Big Apple Card

    The boys get basic this week with hard seltzer and the new Apple Card. Ron & Brian talk about their recent NYC rendezvous which included drinking, karaoke, and a trip […]

  • Episode 67 – The Religious Ain’t Right

    Be bougie like Ron & Brian and grab a chocolate martini to enjoy this episode with! We catch up on the past week, with Brian hitting up both a Mets […]

  • Episode 66 – Ron’s Roid Rage

    Ron is all ‘roided up and ready to talk about the topics of the week! Mass shootings, climate change, medical conditions, and a whole bunch of celebrity deaths. Do we […]

  • Episode 65 – Joe 30330??

    We try to decipher what the hell Joe Biden (and the rest of the field) were talking about at this week’s Democratic Debates. Grade That Death is back, there was […]

  • Episode 64 – Clinton’s Tingly Body Count

    Prolific author Chuck Tingle released his first lesbian Tingler this week, and Brian has his exclusive review! We’re still living off of the high of this past weekend’s appearance at […]

  • Episode 63 – Who Let The Blackout?

    It was a wild weekend, with Ron attending the Weird Al concert and Brian surviving the NYC Blackout! We’ve got a full set of Celebrity Obits (and a surprising slow […]

  • Episode 61 – Uh Oh, Brian’s Drunk

    Brian started his Independence Day celebrating early with our Drink of the Week! Trump is taking over July 4th and the 2020 Census, we check the polls after the first […]

  • Episode 59 – Nothing To Cough At

    We learned this week not to cough in front of Trump or Ron – you’ve been warned! Our Horrible History looks back at Operation W*****k, our country’s last mass deportation […]

  • Episode 58 – You Can’t Stop The Music

    We lost two music legends this week – Dr. John and Bushwick Bill – but only one of them can get Brian’s patented Slow Jam Obituary! We also release our […]

  • Episode 57 – God Save The Queen

    Trump and the family circus took their act on the road to the UK this week, and we’ve got thoughts (but no prayers). Save your prayers for the members of […]

  • Episode 56 – City of Podcasterly Love

    We’ve got exciting news about our inclusion in the Philadelphia Podcast Festival! (Hopefully they’ll be as excited when they receive our performance rider) We’ve got a new edition of Our […]

  • Episode 31 – Tariff Man

    It’s a music extravaganza, between Brian’s slow jam obituary for our 41st President and the debut of our hot new single, Tariff Man! We’ve got the results for the First […]

  • Baltika™ Presents The Ron And Brian Podcast’s 2018 Racist Of The Year Tournament

    It’s that time of the year!! The Ron And Brian Podcast’s 2018 Racist Of The Year Tournament.  This year, we are sponsored by Russian powerhouse brewery, Baltika.  When you want […]

  • Episode 25 is Live!!

    October 24, 2018 Episode 25 of the podcast was published.  We reflect on 25 episodes and 25 years, and talk about the Central America caravan. Brian tries to quit slow jamming […]

  • Episode 18 Is Live!!!

    On the evening of September 3, 2018……in two residences somewhere in the continental United States…..two cis white males spoke to each other over Skype……while recording this conversation for later publication………which […]

  • Episode 16 is live!

    The boys went into the studio on Tuesday, August 21st and recorded Episode 16. So many topics, you won’t believe we fit them all in one episode! Senator Michael Williams […]

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1 week ago
‎The Ron and Brian Podcast: Ron's Looking Sharpie on Apple Podcasts

The technical difficulties have been fixed, and Episode 71 is ready to go! Thanks to those who made it through the original - hopefully you'll like this one even better!

‎Show The Ron and Brian Podcast, Ep Ron's Looking Sharpie - Sep 11, 2019

1 week ago

Episode 71 is currently being fixed, but it will be back soon!

1 week ago
Carolina Panthers Fan Knocks Back 18 Beers By Himself During Game (VIDEO)

Not all heroes wear capes.

What if I told you…the best performance from Sunday’s Panthers-Rams game didn’t come on the field. World class performance today by this fan #NFL100 #SundayFunday @SONTHighlights ... See more

2 weeks ago
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