Episode 63 – Who Let The Blackout?

It was a wild weekend, with Ron attending the Weird Al concert and Brian surviving the NYC Blackout! We’ve got a full set of Celebrity Obits (and a surprising slow jam), talk about the latest dumb online challenge. discuss the ongoing immigration and ICE situation, and have we mentioned that we’ll be part of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival this Saturday? Our Drink of the Week is less tasty than napalm in the morning, and your other weekly favorites are here too!

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1 week ago
‎The Ron and Brian Podcast: Ron's Looking Sharpie on Apple Podcasts

The technical difficulties have been fixed, and Episode 71 is ready to go! Thanks to those who made it through the original - hopefully you'll like this one even better!

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Episode 71 is currently being fixed, but it will be back soon!

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Not all heroes wear capes.

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