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Ron & Brian are happy to announce that we have partnered with the fine folks at Patreon to be the location for our exclusive paywall-protected content. In light of the current global economic climate, we have created six (6) tiers to allow the tightest wallet all the way through our high net-worth listeners. Each level features some amazing benefits to enhance your experience as a Ron & Brian fan. Please go to the below link and sign up as a Patron. https://www.patreon.com/theronandbrianpodcast

Aluminum ($5 or more per month)

The absolute minimum you can do for us.  Sign up for this level and we will mail you five podcast stickers and you’ll also have access to exclusive content. 

Bronze ($10 or more per month)

Your support is appreciated.  But, we know you can do better.  Sign up for this level and you will receive all the benefits of our Aluminum Tier along with two podcast magnets.

Silver ($25 or more per month)

Thanks for cracking open your wallet.  Sign up for this level and you will receive five stickers, two magnets, two Ron & Brian Shot Glasses AND….naming rights to an upcoming Drink of the Week!!

Gold ($50 or more per month)

Gold Tier membership lets us know that you care and will get you five stickers, two magnets, two shot glasses AND one Ron and Brian Podcast Baseball Cap!!!

Platinium ($75 or more per month)

Platinum membership shows the world (and more importantly, Ron & Brian) that you are a step above the mortals you interact with daily.  You are elite. For this tier, you will enjoy all the benefits of Gold membership but Brian will also slow jam a message of your choice (e.g., voicemail, birthday greeting, engagement, etc.) on an upcoming podcast.  

Diamond ($150 or more per month) Limited to only 1000!!!

Diamond Level!!  Now, we can look down on all the poor people and general human trash who donated at lower levels.  We don’t need them muddling our pristine air. Right??? With Diamond membership, you can enjoy five stickers, two magnets, two shot glasses, a baseball cap, Brian slow jamming a message of your choice AND Ron and/or Brian will read your ad copy (up to 60 seconds in length) on an upcoming podcast.  

What a deal!!

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