Episode 57 – God Save The Queen

Trump and the family circus took their act on the road to the UK this week, and we’ve got thoughts (but no prayers). Save your prayers for the members of the Catholic Church we profile! We update the Kevin Spacey case, read Celebrity Obituaries, and talk about the masturbating GOPer. We discuss the Parkland deputy arrest, and all of your weekly favorites!

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1 week ago
‎The Ron and Brian Podcast: Ron's Looking Sharpie on Apple Podcasts

The technical difficulties have been fixed, and Episode 71 is ready to go! Thanks to those who made it through the original - hopefully you'll like this one even better!

‎Show The Ron and Brian Podcast, Ep Ron's Looking Sharpie - Sep 11, 2019

1 week ago

Episode 71 is currently being fixed, but it will be back soon!

1 week ago
Carolina Panthers Fan Knocks Back 18 Beers By Himself During Game (VIDEO)

Not all heroes wear capes.

What if I told you…the best performance from Sunday’s Panthers-Rams game didn’t come on the field. World class performance today by this fan #NFL100 #SundayFunday @SONTHighlights ... See more

2 weeks ago
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He's at it again!

Ed Hall, Artizans.com

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